“..Being an unsuccessful blogger regarding my previous experiences, I’ve been seeking to start blogging for some time. Thanks to Gökmen for the ping at the start of the week, I’ve managed to come this far :) ..”

This was my first post in my blog under Pardus domain.. I don’t remember how many times I’ve re-started blogging.. But that blog under Pardus domain was the first I believed I’d keep on blogging. My plan was buying serdardalgic.org and keep on blogging over there. However, I didn’t know how to handle this domain things, hosting services etc.. so I kept on postponing it.

Now, I’m @ my new address: serdardalgic.org. I’ll copy some of my posts from my previous blog in Pardus domain, you can see the notification on them “this blog post was published in my previous blog @ that time..”

Anyway, Here I am, ready to blog about life, programming, free software, trekking and mountaineering, my travels, and so on.. I plan to blog in both Turkish and English, but time will decide this.

"..Nothing he's got he really needs. 21st century schizoid man.."