In my previous post I’ve told about my first day in İzmir. Internet Conference has ended @Friday and my flight to Istanbul was @Saturday, that’s why I had one more day to wander around İzmir. I’ve started my tour from the famous Historical Elevator.

Historical Elevator and İzmir Panorama

Historical Elevator and İzmir Panorama

Historical Elevator is at the region of Güzelyalı in İzmir. Because of the 58 meters rise between Mithatpaşa and Halilrıfat Paşa Streets, the elevator has been built by a Jewish Businessman, Nesim Levi, to allow people to climb the elevated part of the area that is separated by the coastal strait by a steep cliff with a total of 155 stairs @1907. Later on, the elevator has been restored by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and a restaurant, a cafe and an hotel has started serving since 1992. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful view and order a glass of beer with french fries. :)

Enjoying İzmir Panorama with Beer and French Fries

Actually I wanted to try beer and calamari but the prices were ridiculous, 5 TL for French Fries but 18 TL for calamari, which is nonsense.

İzmir is really a pretty city with fantastic view, however the air pollution is disturbing.. There should be a regulation regarding a solution for this problem A.S.A.P. imho.

I continued my tour going down with the Elevator. You don’t pay any prices to use the elevator. The lower part you land with the elevator welcomes you with Dario Moreno Street, including famous singer Dario Moreno‘s House.

Elevator's Entrance at the Lower Part

Plates near the door of Dario Moreno's House

There was a building waiting to be restored in the Dario Moreno Street. That old building was too damaged that Municipality built walls with pictures around the peripherals of this house. Here are the photos and illustrations about Old İzmir:

Old İzmir 1

Old İzmir 2

Old İzmir 3

During my visit in the Elevator and Dario Moreno Street, this famous song of Dario Moreno was playing in my mind:

“..Her akşam votka rakı ve şarap (Everynight with vodka, raki and wine)
içtikçe delirir insan olur harap (Keep drinking and you become desolate)
kurtar beni bundan ne olursun yarab (Save me lord from this, please)
bitsin artık bu korkunç serap, serap..
(Let it end to this horrible mirage..)”

I’ve tried to translate the song a little bit for you, non-Turkish visitors of my blog :) At the start of the Dario Moreno Street, two sculptures greets you, one is Enrico Macias, and the other: Dario Moreno.. Near Dario Moreno Sculpture writes the Last Will of Dario Moreno.

Enrico Macias

The Last Will of Dario Moreno

Leaving the Elevator behind, I start walking to the Konak direction, with good weather, cordon near the sea, lovers sitting on the benches near the sea and the beautiful İzmir..

İzmir - Güzelyalı

Because I’ve seen Konak, I wanted to go to the Shopping Mall called Konak Pier. Konak Pier was designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1890, within the boundaries of the central metropolitan district of Konak, near the city’s historic center Konak Square in İzmir.

Konak Pier

There was a bridge near Konak Pier, where I’ve taken this photo. I went on through this bridge and came to Kızlarağası Hanı. I had visited here yesterday, but the smell of the delicious meatballs was still so welcoming and I was hungry after 4 hours of sightseeing. I’ve wandered around a little bit, and found a local restaurant with openair tables on the street. The taste of the meatballs were not so special nor unique, just an ordinary meatball, but the thing that made my day was the “Live Radio” playing on the street! :) They were playing Modern Turkish Classical Music with one man playing violin and one man playing kanun. Their music was so relaxing that after my meal, I decided to drink Dibek Coffee again and sat on the coffee house near the place I’ve had my meal.

Live Radio

Kızlarağası Hanı

Dibek Coffee Machine

After I’ve drank my coffee, I went through the Kızlarağası Hanı to buy authentic Dibek Coffee granules. I’ve seen a Dibek Coffee Machine there too, beating the coffee periodically.

I was done with Konak after buying the Dibek coffee granules. So I’ve headed back to the Konak pier (not the shopping mall :) ) to get to Karşıyaka with city ferries. I was going to meet with my colleagues and go to airport for our flight to İstanbul.

It takes 20 minutes to get to Karşıyaka from Konak, the trip was similar to Beşiktaş – Kadıköy ferry trip :) And it was wonderful to watch the city at night with the İzmir Cordone shining..

Going to Karşıyaka with Ferry

That was the story of my trip to İzmir. I hope you like it while reading my blog posts. İzmir is definitely the city I want to visit again and enjoy her beauties.. But I don’t know when can it be, or how can it be..