After collecting many stories, adventures and changes in my life, I’ve decided to write a blog entry after a long time. Briefly, I’m going to summarize some of the important events that happened on me, mainly in the past 6 months:

  • I’ve quit my professional job as a researcher in TUBITAK / UEKAE. I was working in Pardus Project.. There have been many debates in Turkish Linux Community about TUBITAK’s behaviour on Pardus Project. I’m still interested in Free Software, I’m still a member of many free software and open source communities in Turkey (including Linux Users Group LKD). But I don’t think I’ll be contributing to Pardus project unless TUBITAK changes inconsistent approach to Pardus Linux.
  • After leaving my job @ Pardus Project, I’m considered many job opportunities and decided to work as a freelance software developer. For nearly two months, I was busy dealing with Adobe Flex technologies on Linux. I’ve taken part in writing flash games, but developing Flex projects in Linux is really a PITR.
  • In March, I’ve contributed to Mountain Culture Association’s Mountain Films Fest. It was a great experience for me to watch many inspiring films and documentaries, they enlightened my vision on mountaineering.
  • After Mountain Films Fest, @ April, I’ve started taking canyoning courses in KAD Canyoning Turkey (sorry, the site is only in Turkish.) With friends from my mountaineering club, we winded ourselves up for the canyoning course, later on we took abseiling practice with KAD crew in Ballikayalar. After the abseiling practice, we were ready to go to our training canyon to Antalya, Kaputaş Canyon. It was fantastic to walk through/abseil down the canyon! Nearly 700 m were the height that we travelled down. I’ll write a seperate blog entry for my canyoning adventure ASAP.

    Abseiling in Kaputaş Canyon

    • I’ve attended to Linux Summer Camp of LKD (Linux Users Group in Turkey) between 23rd of June – 8th of July. Currently, I’m enrolled to Software Engineering Master Program in Boğaziçi University, only one course (project course) to get my Masters Degree. I’ve selected to write an integration suite to Tekir General Financial Accounting program, developed by Özgür Yazılım Incorp. Hakan Uygun, who is the CTO of Tekir and one of the managers of Özgür Yazılım Inc. helped me a lot while selecting this project. He was the instructor of Java course in summer camp, creating Java EE5 Web applications.. To understand the inner aspects of Tekir project, I’ve attended this summer camp. There are plenty of things to tell about the camp, so I want to write a separate blog entry about this summer camp in the near future :)

LKD Linux Summer Camp

  • In July 14-15, with friends from Dağ Keçileri (Meaning “Ibex’s”) Mountaineering club, we attended to a high altitude trekking camp organization in Bolkar mountains, made a trekking to Medetsiz Summit. We camped near Karagol. I plan to write another blog post dedicated to this mountaineering expedition.

Karagöl (Black Lake) view from the Pilot Rock

  • After I returned back from Bolkars, I have started working in Sistematik Software Tech. Sistematik is mainly concentrated on digital publishing, and is a Linux and free software supporting company. I’ll write in details later on “what I’m doing in Sistematik”.
  • I’ve finally managed to meet PyIST guys, a Python SIG in Istanbul. We attended to Julythonand previous weekend, we made a hackathon for this purpose. There were some organizational problems but at least we gathered, connected ourselves and coded some.. Although it wasn’t a productive hackathon, having chit-chats with Istanbullian Pythonistas, having the day together was great!


  • There was the first Javascript conference in Turkey, JStanbul 2012 in Bahçeşehir University. Although I’m not so much into javascript and frontend technologies, I’ve attended to this conference too. I’ve met many friends, get introduced to programmers that I used to know but couldn’t find a chance to meet in real life. Again, having talks with great guys on programming, open source technologies and software industry was great fun!