Hi to all;

It has been 4 months since the last time I’ve written a blog post. During that time, there have been some changes in my life, so before entering into 2013, I would like to share these with you in this post.

  • I’ve started to a new job in Markafoni. Markafoni is a private shopping site which has been founded in 2008. It is one of the most promising startup companies in Turkey, while growing steadily in the e-commerce industry. There are more than 700 personnel in the company now. Markafoni offers latest collections of local and foreign brands with appealing discounts. Markafoni members, who benefit from discounts up to 90%, can reach many selected brands from different categories such as clothing, accessories, cosmetics, decoration and lifestyle. Markafoni’s success has spread abroad and 70% of its stocks were bought in July 2011 by MIH-Allegro; a subsidiary of Naspers. markafoni.com serves in 8 countries, particularly in Poland and Ukraine. It has 5 million users and sells more than 700,000 products in a month. </ advertisements> :) And the IT crew is interested in open source software, especially python and django. I’m now working there as a software development engineer in the core team, dealing with backend part. It is a great chance for me working with colleagues in Markafoni, and up to now, everything seems great. 

  • I’ve created a twitter account btw, it was on my mind for a long time. My twitter account is @serdaroncode. I mainly tweet about things on code, programming, free software, engineering, etc. I was following many blogs and people via RSS, but due to latest changes, it has been easier to follow news on twitter. Also it has been a more interactive way to getting social, especially in the IT industry. So I have entered the twitter world. I plan to create blog posts about the links I favorited and find interesting every week, collecting from my twitter account. I hope I won’t be lazy and can handle this.
Hark Village – Belpınarı – Kılıçkaya (Swordrock)
  • I keep on my mountaineering adventure as well. Again, with my mountaineering group, Dağ Keçileri (The Ibex’es), we went to Hark village near Sakarya region. There, we climbed up by trekking to the top of the Kılıçkaya(Swordrock) which is more than 1500 meters high. The above picture is from our trekking expedition. The great rock behind us is Kılıçkaya. It was definitely fascinating.

  • Last but not least, I’ve started rock climbing. Rock climbing is really a marvelous activity that I recommend to all. Because it is winter time and outdoor conditions for rock climbing is not convenient, we prefer climbing gyms for indoor climbing. There are two alternatives for me to go, one is in Kadiköy, boulderIstanbul, and the other one is boulderhane, in Levent, Istanbul. There are 2 or 3 more climbing gyms in Istanbul too, but they are far away from Beşiktaş, where I live. The walls are 4 meters high, including the negatives. There is 30 cm.s pad in the floor, so that nothing happens when you fall on the pad. The first thing you learn is how to fall, so after you’ve learnt it, there would be no harm to you when you fall. Especially if you’re a heavy person like me, weighting more than 100 kgs, you have to be more careful on your moves. It is not that easy to carry your body on the wall :)