Asansör ve İzmir görüntüsü

Getting Around İzmir vol.2


In my previous post I’ve told about my first day in İzmir. Internet Conference has ended @Friday and my flight to Istanbul was @Saturday, that’s why I had one more day to wander around İzmir. I’ve started my tour from the famous Historical Elevator.

Historical Elevator and İzmir Panorama

Historical Elevator and İzmir Panorama

Historical Elevator is at the region of Güzelyalı in İzmir. Because of the 58 meters rise between Mithatpaşa and Halilrıfat Paşa Streets, the elevator has been built by a Jewish Businessman, Nesim Levi, to allow people to climb the elevated part of the area that is separated by the coastal strait by a steep cliff with a total of 155 stairs @1907. Later on, the elevator has been restored by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and a restaurant, a cafe and an hotel has started serving since 1992. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful view and order a glass of beer with french fries. :) (more…)

İzmir Saat Kulesi

Turkish Internet Conference and İzmir..


Between 30th November and 2nd December, in İzmir – Konak, at Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center, 11th Turkish Internet Conference held. The keywords of the conference were “Mobile Life”, “Social Networks”, “New Media”, “Intellectual Properties”, “Privacy”, “Internet and Democracy”, “Internet Bans in Turkey”, “FATiH Project”, “Media/Information Literacy” ..etc.. In this conference, Turkish Linux Users Society (LKD) organized several seminars, two of which I’ve presented: Özgür Yazılım Projelerinin Ortak Çalışma Araçları (Common Tools used in Free Software Projects) and Linux’ta Paket/Yazılım Yönetim Sistemleri (Package/Software Management Systems in Linux). You can take a look at the presentations but unfortunately they are only in Turkish. (more…)

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