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Hi all;

It’s been a few days since I last wrote to the blog. Therefore, in order not to leave an interval, I’ll post something related to my graduate Education.

For those who haven’t taken a look at my about me section, I’m currently enrolled to MS Program in Software Engineering @ Bogazici University. One of the must courses I have to take is SWE 550 Software Quality Assurance and Reliability. Within the limits of this course, every attendant student of should prepare a Presentation on one of the topics covered in the course:

  • “SW Testing”,
  • “SW Quality Assurance”,
  • “SW Fault Tolerance” and
  • “SW Reliability Modelling & Prediction”

I wanted to take an enjoyable topic so I’ve selected “How Google Tests The Software” as an on-demand presentation. Thanks to Mr. Tosun, he accepted my choice on the topics.
There is a dedicated blog mostly written by James Whittaker, Director of Test Engineering at Google:

And he has written (actually still writing :) ) a series called “How Google Tests Software” . At the time I’ve prepared the presentation, the series were up to 6 parts, but as of 26th of May, Whittaker has written “How Google Tests Software – Part Seven”. He seems to proceed further more..

My presentation was just a summary of the organizational parts in Google’s way of Testing Software and the results of this organizational behaviour on software quality. I didn’t cover all of the series, as it was hard to present the whole concept.

You can reach to my presentation from this link. It is CC BY-NC-SA licensed, except the TUBITAK/UEKAE, PARDUS related images. They are registered trademarks of TUBITAK.

I hope you like it! Any comments are welcomed.

Have a nice day ;)